WITB: Will Zalatoris Wins 2022 FedEx St Jude Championship

WITB: 2022 FedEx St Jude Championship | D'Lance Golf

The 2022 FedEx St Jude Championship might be considered Will Zalatoris’ breakout tournament. Was it his new caddie? Maybe it was his caddie’s green reads that helped him jump to #2 in strokes gained putting for the tournament? Could it have been his breathing which helped center him? Probably all of the above, but what a difference his focus on putting made this year.

With help from GolfWRX and PGA Tour, we go inside Will’s winning equipment and look back to a putting aid Will was using at the beginning of the year.

Insights into Will Zalatoris’ Winning Equipment at the 2022 FedEx St Jude Championship

Top of the Bag.

  • Driver: Titleist TSR3 8 degrees with the Fujikura Speeder TR 661 X shaft. 3-wood: Titleist TSR3 16.5 degrees with the Fujikura Ventus Blue 8 X shaft.
    In March, we profiled the Best 2022 Driver and Shaft Combinations for players with swing speeds from 80 mph to swing speeds over 106 mph. See how the Fujikura Speeder TR 661 stacked up against the best driver shafts in your swing speed range.
    Like most Titleist Tour players, Will made the switch to the TSR series in lieu of the prior generation of Titleist TSi woods. Titleist’s TSR series is expected to be released this fall – stay tuned for upcoming announcements and availability as the 2021-2022 PGA Tour wraps up.

Irons & Wedges.

  • Titleist T200 3-iron with the Nippon N.S. Pro Prototype Hybrid 10 ST 370tip X shaft. Titleist T100 4-iron through PW with True Temper Dynamic Gold Tour Issue X100 shafts.
    Depending on the course and setup, more and more tour players are favoring slightly more forgiving 3-irons with Hybrid shafts in lieu of playing hybrids. Iron heads are typically easier to control through rough and iron-head technology is now pretty comparable to hybrid head technology. If you struggle with long irons (ex. 2-iron, 3-iron, 4-iron) or if you struggle with 3-hybrids and 4-hybids, chances are the shafts are what’s hurting you. Find out by scheduling an Iron Fitting.
  • Wedges: Titleist Vokey Design SM9 50-08, 54-10S and WedgeWorks Proto 60-T, each with True Temper Dynamic Gold Tour Issue X100 shafts.
    We applaud Will Zalatoris’ club builder and fitter; they built the wedges correctly. Consistent with our wedge building philosophy, wedges should use the same shaft as in the irons. Consistency in swing weight and flex maximizes accuracy. And, it allows players to simply trust the club lofts and gapping to ensure the right distances and spin rates across all irons and wedges. Take advantage of this proven approach and gain the accuracy your wedge game deserves. Get started with a wedge fitting today.


  • Scotty Cameron Circle T Phantom X T-11 Proto
    One of the benefits of Will’s Scotty Cameron Phantom X T-11 is the ability to rest the putter flat and comfortably, allowing the hands to relax prior to putting. Earlier this year, GolfWRX also caught glimpses of a putter alignment tool used by Will. These tools are perfect for helping square the face while developing a consistent takeaway and follow through. If your putting hasn’t been up to par lately (sub 30 putts in a round), then you could benefit significantly from a putter fitting.
    During a recent customer fitting, we faced off his blade and full-mallet putter. We quickly discovered eye alignment and swing path challenges were impacting his consistency. We also discovered the mallet (initially too light in weight) outperformed his Scotty Cameron blade. Discover what’s happening with your putter stroke and find the right putter for you in a personalized expert putter fitting – schedule today.


original image source: golfchannel.com