WITB: Bryson DeChambeau’s 2022 Tour Equipment

Bryson Dechambeau's 2022 Tour Equipment | D'Lance Golf

Bryson DeChambeau’s 2022 Tour Equipment has toured a little more than most. After recovering from hand surgery and a nagging torn labrum, he tied for 8th in his last PGA Tour event – The Open Championship. Officially joining the LIV Golf Tour in June 2022, DeChambeau has completed 4 LIV Golf events finishing as high as 10th in two of the events.

Most recently, DeChambeau made headlines again by finishing 2nd behind Martin Borgmeier in the Professional Long Drivers Association World Championship. Accepting the title, Borgmeier expressed great appreciation for what DeChambeau has done for long drive sport after competing in 2021. Read full story on Golf Digest. Last year, Bryson finished 7th. With the help of GolfWRX, we go inside DeChambeau’s 2022 tour equipment.

Bryson DeChambeau’s 2022 Tour Equipment

  • Top of the Bag. Driver: Cobra King LTDx 7.5 degrees (turned down to 5 degrees) with an LA Golf Tour AXS Blue 60 X shaft. Earlier this year, Bryson played the Cobra King LTD Pro 7 degrees driver with the LA Golf Tour AXS Blue 60 X shaft. 3-wood: Cobra Rad Speed Big Tour 9 degrees with an LA Golf Tour AXS Blue shaft. 3-wood (playing as a 5-wood): Cobra King SpeedZone Tour 14 degrees with the LA Golf BAD Prototype 85 TX shaft.
    A couple years ago, we profiled the newly introduced LA Golf Tour AXS shafts. The Blue shafts feature a low spin, low trajectory profile, optimal for players like DeChambeau that need to reduce spin off the clubface. The Tour AXS Red shafts feature a mid-spin/ mid-trajectory and the White shafts feature a mid-spin/ high-trajectory profile. Learn more about the specs of the LA Golf Red, White and Blue AXS shafts.
  • Irons. Cobra King LTDx One Length Utility 4-iron and 5-iron with the LA Golf Rebar Proto shaft. Cobra King Tour MIM One Length 6-iron through PW also with the LA Golf Rebar Proto shaft. All shafts are played at the standard length of a 7-iron shaft, 37.5 inches.
  • Wedges: Artisan Prototype 47, 53, and 58 degrees, specially made by Nike’s prototype group, each with the LA Golf Rebar Proto shaft, also playing at 37.5 inches.
  • Putter: SIK Pro C-Series Armlock

What driver did DeChambeau use in the Long-Drive World Championship?

DeChambeau used a modified 4.5 degree Cobra Radspeed Driver to compete in the 2022 PLDA World Championship. Midway through the second round, he started playing with a new prototype Cobra LTDx long-drive head with an LA Golf prototype 48-inch long-drive shaft. Read the full story on Golf.com.

Original photo credit: Golfchannel.com