WITB: Atthaya Thitikul Wins 2022 NW Arkansas Championship

At the 2022 NW Arkansas Championship, Atthaya Thitikul showed her mental maturity again, winning an emotional finish against Danielle Kang. Jennifer Kupcho from Littleton, CO, was only 5 back going into the third round but finished tied for 39th. In her rookie year, Atthaya has accomplished some very special memories – her second LPGA win, both winning in playoffs, and 11 top-10 finishes. With the help of the LPGA and Golf Australia, we go inside Atthaya’s winning set of Callaway clubs.

Atthaya Thitikul’s Winning Equipment at the 2022 NW Arkansas Championship

    • Top of the Bag. Driver: Callaway Rogue ST Triple Diamond 9 degree with a Baselius Tri Leggero 50S shaft. 3-wood: Callaway Rogue ST LS 15 degree with a Baselius FWSS 60S shaft. Utility wood: Callaway Apex UW 19 degree with a Baselius UT 70SR shaft. Hybrid: Callaway Apex 4 hybrid 21 degree with a Baselius UT 70 SR shaft.
      The new Callaway Rogue Drivers and Fairway Woods have been a top performer with both male and female players of all abilities. Forgiveness, a hot face (meaning the ball pops off), and consistency has made the Callaway Rogue woods popular. If you haven’t tested the Rogue series, find out which one is right for you in a Driver & Fairway Wood Fitting.
    • Irons. Callaway Apex Pro 5-iron through pitching wedge with the Shimada K 3001S shafts.
    • Wedges: Callaway Jaws 48, 52, and 58 degrees also with Shimada K 3001S shafts.
      Consistent with our wedge fitting philosophy, and like Ashleigh Buhai, Thitikul plays the same shafts from her 5-iron through 58-degree lob wedge. Unless you’re a feel player, variability between iron and wedge shafts can create inconsistency where you need consistency and distance control the most. If you’re seeing inconsistency in distance and dispersion, schedule a wedge fitting today and boost your confidence in your attack game.
    • Putter: Odyssey Toulon Atlanta.