What the Top 50 PGA Tour Players are Playing in Their Drivers

Just got an updated list of the Top 50 PGA Tour players and what they are playing for shafts in their clubs.  I cannot divulge specifically what each player has in each club but I can tell you the following interesting stats:

  • Driver shafts brands:  Mitsubishi Rayon-14, Aldila – 5, Fujikura – 13, MATRIX – 4, Graphite Design – 4, ProjectX/Grafalloy – 4
  • Driver shaft weights:  50+ gram – 4, 60+ gram – 19, 70+ gram – 18, 80+ gram – 5, over 90 grams – 1 (guess who?)
  • Driver shaft flexes:   All players are playing designated X flex but no information is available on any tipping being done.
  • Driver shaft launch profile:  22 mid-launch, 28 low launch.

What this tells me is that these players have been fit very well to shafts that match their swing.  This means optimizing shaft weight, shaft flex, launch profile and spin characteristics for maximizing distance and control.  Our BGF Fitting System does exactly the same thing for our customers.  It makes specific recommendations for shaft weight, swing weight,  flex, launch and spin profile.  We then validate our recommendations with TrackMan launch monitors to see if we have improved the performance numbers versus their current driver.