Troy Mullins Wins Womens Long Drive at Mile High Showdown

Troy Mullins 1st Place

It was a day full of unexpected results for Troy Mullins at the Mile High Showdown Long Drive event hosted by The Golf Channel.

First, she was in a tizzy about which driver shaft and head combination she should use so Troy came to visit us and we put her on TrackMan to help make a decision.  She had four heads and three shafts that she wanted to evaluate.  She had confidence in her Callaway Great Big Bertha with the stiffer of two UST Mamiya Elements 6F4 Platinum shafts but liked the feel of the Ping G LS TEC with the stock X flex shaft.  She was curious as to whether the new G400 would be any better.  We put her through a battery of tests and showed her that, under pressure, the stiffer tip and butt flex of the Elements Platinum shaft with the Callaway head would keep her in the grid and had equally as good of low spin shots as the Ping G LS TEC with the stock shaft.

Nuff said.  Troy promptly went out and set a new women’s long drive record of 402 yards!  This was certainly good enough to get her to the final four.  After defeating Chloe Garner in the semi’s, she watched fellow competitor Phillis Meti defeat Sandra Carlborg with a new women’s long drive world record of 406 yards…with IMO, a great forward bounce on the grid.

When the rain started falling in the finals, both Phillis and Troy hit well but Troy bested Phillis’ 365 yard drive with her own 374 yard beast to win it.

It was a great event and Derek Hines and The Golf Channel deserve kudos for taking the Long Drivers sport to the next level.