TrackMan Combine Results – Tour Pro vs. Amateur Golfer

TrackMan has been on a serious mission over the past couple of years to help every golfer improve their skills.  TrackMan created a skills test that consists of hitting six shots to each of ten different targets.  Scores are based on accuracy and shot dispersion to these targets.  Targets range in length from 60 yards to your driver distance.  The highest recorded pro score is 89.8 and the tour average is 82.9.  For all amateurs, the average score is 63.9.  D’Lance Golf will be running these combine events in Colorado starting early in 2013 so you will have an opportunity to see where you stand and what areas of your game need improvement.  When you come to our Customer Appreciation Day, Saturday, December 15th, we will sign you up on so you can start uploading your shots to TrackMan and tracking your progress, even in the off-season!