Tiger Switched Back To Heavier Driver Shaft Before Winning the Player’s Championship

Tiger Woods switched back to his old standby Mitsubishi Rayon Diamana Whiteboard 73 X shaft before the Player’s Championship last week.  As told to The Tour Van, “I went back to my old shaft,” he said. “It helps not being hurt. I’m able to generate the speed like I used to, and I’m able to handle that shaft again.”  That being said, Tiger kept the driver in the bag for most of the tournament, relying instead on his 3 and 5 wood with the Mitsubishi Rayon Diamana Blueboard 103 X shafts.  If you are struggling with consistency, maybe you should try heavier shafts.  Standard, off-the-rack clubs usually come with light shafts in both drivers and fairway woods.  If you look at the options for better players with faster swing speeds and an aggressive transition, the TP shaft versions for TaylorMade for example, offer several 75 gr driver shafts and 85 gr fairway wood shafts as options.  Better yet, go to a custom fitter and find out what shafts fit YOUR game.