Tiger Still Ranks #1!

So Tiger Woods still Ranks #1 in the Golf World with Adam Scott just in reach, trailing behind him.  To all of our surprise, even though Tiger has been playing just “average” golf as of late, and out of Tiger’s Total 2013-2014 PGA Season Tournaments, so far, he isn’t even ranked in the Top 10 Finishes.  So, the regular, non-golfer would look at that and say “how is this possible?”  How can someone not even finish in the Top Ten in Most of his tournaments and still be ranked #1?  The answer is simple, Tiger plays less tournaments than most people on tour!  He has played a total of 40 tournament, where Adam Scott, the next man on the Totem pole has played over 50!  In those 40, comparatively, Tiger Wins more Championships as well.  Tiger may not be the “beast” of the past, but he still is the Number One Golfer in World and even at his worst will be a tough guy to beat!