TaylorMade Drivers Hit a Trifecta!

M1frame_1TaylorMade drivers were used by the winners last weekend in the Champions, LPGA and PGA Tour.  But what is interesting is that each player used a different model and loft, and of course, shaft.  The Champions Tour winner used an M1 10.5 degree driver while the LPGA winner used an M2 9.5 degree driver.  What?  Well, TrackMan statistics show that the average angle of attack on the PGA Tour is -1.3 (hitting down on the ball) while the average angle of attack on the LPGA Tour is +3.0 (hitting up on the ball).  This means that the 9.5 degree driver will launch higher than the 10.5 degree because the positive angle of attack creates more dynamic loft.  This also will create less spin and give the golfer more roll after landing.  The winner of the PGA Tour also played an M2 9.5 degree driver.  In our tests, both the M1 and M2 give excellent smash factor and spin results with the M2 being slightly more forgiving on off-center hits.  What we mean by forgiving is not only directional miss (less off line) but distance (less loss of distance due to lower smash factor and higher spin).  When we do our driver fittings, we concentrate on getting the optimum shaft flex, weight, launch and spin, and then try different heads to see which performs the best.  TaylorMade drivers are at the top of the list!  

But each person has different opinions on the look, feel and sound of a club so let our numbers help you in your decision, but make sure you like the driver you purchase or you will not have confidence on the tee box.

Dan Sueltz