Social Media in Sports!

Ten years ago if I were to say that “social media” would be the fastest way to spread “the word” on every day items, or would allow us to stay connected with our hero’s as though we were in their inner circle, people would think I was crazy!  Let’s face it, it is the world of Social Media and not only can it be extremely beneficial since you can now follow anyone minute by minute all over the world, but it can also be damaging!  Those of us into golf or any sport for that matter are guilty of carrying our tech gadgets wherever we go constantly checking to see if Tiger won that last round, or if our favorite underdog is in the top ten.  We all also love to see what our favorite players have to say about how they did, what they are playing with.  It really gives us a true sense that our heros are real people.  So with that said, how do you think the latest comments made by Elkington on twitter will effect his image?  Do you think since his comments weren’t made about the PGA Tour the PGA should still consider disciplinary actions?  How far do you think this will go?  Being in the top of any sport automatically puts more pressure on you to set an example of what is socially acceptable, but it certainly shows that we are all human and the people we think are perfect are just like us.  We make mistakes.