Sergio Garcia Wins with a Unique Set of Clubs

Sergio Garcia Byron NelsonSergio Garcia wins the Byron Nelson Classic with his own take on what “feels” right.  Sergio is well known for needing a certain type of feel in his golf clubs, especially his grip.  But, Sergio has been playing clubs that are a little heavier and shorter for quite some time.  A year ago, he was playing 100 gram shafts in his driver and woods, with a driver length of 43″.  Now, he is playing 80+ gram shafts in his woods with counter balancing in the grips to provide the additional weighted feel.  Sergio used to put lead tape under his grips to add the weight but is now using a counter balance device called TourLock.  We have been using Balance Certified for putter counter balancing for years so this is not a new concept.  It is, however, a very personal touch when it comes to woods and irons.   Not every golfer can feel the added weight but it definitely changes swing weight.  Every 5 grams in the butt section reduces one swing weight point.  A similar effect can happen with re-gripping your clubs with heavier grips.

Sergio is definitely a player that likes the shorter length in his clubs, especially his woods.  And he still hits his 43″ driver 300 yards!  The added weight in his shafts and counter balancing helps Sergio keep his swing in control.  We are big fans of playing driver shafts shorter than “standard”, usually in the 44.5″ to 45″ range.  Again, it has to do with how consistent you are striking the ball on the sweet spot!