Iron Shafts on Tour – It’s Getting Competitive Out There

4786When I started the company in 1997, steel shafts played on the PGA Tour were pretty well dominated by True Temper.  Their flagship line, The Dynamic Gold (S300, S400, X100) at one time was played by 96% of all players on Tour.  Since then, companies like Nippon and KBS Shafts have started taking some wins.  Nippon has long had the majority of golfers on the LPGA Tour playing their light weight 850 and 950 series shafts.  A couple of weeks ago, the winner of the Valspar Championship played the Nippon N.S. Pro Modus 3 in his irons.  And KBS Shafts have over 100 PGA Tour wins since the company started in 2008 (see a little history here).  The cool thing for us is that all of these companies make shafts that have different weights, launch and spin characteristics, and feel.  So, schedule and iron fitting and we can pick the right shaft for you from over 100 shafts that will help give you the tightest shot dispersion, the most distance and the best feel.