Bryson DeChambeau 2020 US Open Champion

Bryson DeChambeau US Open 2020

The naysayers said it couldn’t be done in a US Open but Bryson proved them all wrong.  His sub-par performance was the only one in the field.  Now, I am a bit of a scientist myself, but Bryson takes every aspect of his game to another level!  Here is how he did it!


After adding 40 pounds of muscle, Bryson also improved his club and ball speed.  Bryson is averaging 325 yards off the tee.  He is leading the PGA Tour in strokes gained off the tee as well.  Now he is experimenting with a 48 inch driver to add even MORE ball speed.  He wants to break 220 mph ball speed which could easily get him to 350-360 yards.  Crazy?  Mad?  He proved distance was key at the US Open.


While hitting only 41% of fairways (23 of 56), Bryson managed par or better on all four of his rounds.  His attacking style out of the major rough was crazy to watch but it worked.  No one else in the field seemed to be able to master not only the rough but the touch necessary around the green.

And, Putt!

I watched Bryson on the practice green at the 2019 Masters and he was a study in understanding what it takes to make more putts.  He has improved his putting dramatically and is working on the proper factor – SPEED!  If you do not have the right speed, the line doesn’t matter.  In fact, Bryson had several putts from off the green!


As we all know by now, Bryson is a study in single length irons.  And, he is playing prototype graphite shafts in all of his clubs!  Here is what was in his bag at the 2020 US Open. 

Bottom Line

As players reflect on the win at Winged Foot, it is clear to me that with the proper equipment, technique and ability to execute, golfers can take advantage of all of the technology available to us (TrackMan, et. al).  Being a student of the game these days is getting even more technical, but the benefits are paying off!

Dan Sueltz