Twenty Years at D’Lance Golf

Store+1997001-webTwenty years at D’Lance Golf means Better Golf…Faster!  Our philosophy, when we started May 1, 1997, was it takes the right swing technique, properly fit equipment and practice to improve, but the fastest way to improve is with the right equipment.  Over twenty years later. we have stayed true to our principles.

Proper swing technique:  We have worked with some of the top golf coaches and fitness gurus in the golf industry.  Erin Diegel, Ty Thompson, Tom Stickney, Sherry Andonian, Elena King, Chris Schultz, Dana Smith, Trent Wearner, Steve Beech, James Barker, Dee Tidwell, Scott Wells, Kathleen Heiney, Mike Wine and a lot of other coaches have had a lot to do with our success and longevity.  We always want to put our clients in touch with the best in the industry to help their games improve.  And these coaches recognize the value of properly fit equipment!

24 Hour Indoor Practice:  We were the first in Colorado to offer 24 hour, unattended indoor practice using golf simulators.  Dead Solid Golf and Focaltron Golf Achievers were first in the industry to have equipment that was easy to use and reliable.  This concept was so interesting that we were on the front page of USA Today in 2001!

Properly Fit Equipment:  We have always been at the leading edge (sometimes bleeding) of finding new methods of fitting our customers to get immediate game improvement.  The True Temper Shaft Lab helped us identify the seven different shaft loading profiles that customers have when swinging their clubs.  We took this information and developed the BGF Fitting System that makes initial club length, shaft weight, shaft flex, swing weight, and shaft profile (trajectory and spin) recommendations.  When Club Conex developed a unique system to test different head and shaft combinations, we jumped on it!  It has made our fittings much more efficient and effective.  And when TrackMan came along with a way to accurately measure all of the launch data necessary to optimize distance, accuracy and consistency, we were the first in Colorado, and one of the first 20 in the United States to adopt their leading edge technology.  Along the way we have delved into putter fitting systems (DV Putt) and other ways of helping our golfers improve.   Bottom line is that our golfers’ handicaps have gone from 15 to 10 since we started tracking in 2005.  Better Golf…Faster through properly fit equipment.

We have always been searching for new technology and methods of fitting that help golfers improve their games.   We have taken our technology on the road to Colorado mountain courses, Arizona, and Texas with our fitting trailer. Golf Etc. of America licensed our BGF Fitting System and at one time we had installations in over 20 locations.  The best of those franchisees are still using our system and are thriving.  We developed the MyGolfShafts apps to allow golfers to identify the proper shaft for their game.  We have a fitting partnership with Fairways at the Stable in Superior, Colorado that is just awesome. We will be taking our fitting concept a step further with our TrueFitClubs online store being released later in 2017.

Golf is getting some life again thanks to the interest in custom clubfitting.  I will say that when Golf Digest recognized the importance of clubfitting and we were selected to the Top 100 Clubfitters in America in 2011, that pushed us and our clubfitting partners into the world of credibility.  We have since made that list every time it has been published, including 2017.  We were also chosen by Colorado Avid Golfer readers as their #1 Readers Choice Best Golf Store in 2017.  We have a lot to be thankful for, especially our loyal customers that come back to us and continue to refer their golfing friends to us.

So, thank you loyal customers and here is to the next 20 years of playing Better Golf…Faster!

Dan Sueltz