Replicating a Broken Club CAN Be Easy!!

I read last weeks issue of Golfworld and the problem Kenny Perry had replicating a broken driver with a little bit of bemusement.  (See GolfWorld article).  It really does not have to be that way!  Yes, there are a lot of individual characteristics that make a club perform, but Snedeker said it the best in the article:  “It is the shaft that really matters.”  That is why when we build your clubs, we have individual profiles of the shafts we use in your clubs.  That means replicating the exact performance will be relatively simple.  The right shaft weight, flex, profile, swing weight, number of wraps on the grip, any added weight we needed to get to swingweight, and even how much we trimmed the shaft to get to your exact flex.  Of course, each shaft is spin aligned as well.  So, once you have your favorite club, we can match it if you have the unfortunate experience of losing the club or breaking the shaft!