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D’Lance Golf has created an exciting niche market in golf game improvement. By concentrating on the three most important areas; custom fit equipment, instruction and unlimited 24 hour access to state-of-the-art practice facilities, we have helped over 11,000 golfers of all playing levels, and around the world play better golf and have more fun!

Our proprietary seven step club fitting and club building system helps our customers not only get a better fit club, but a set of equipment that is built to their exact specifications. Our association with some of the top instructors in the USA shows that the combination of great instruction and equipment that matches the golfers unique swing profile can help every golfer play better….faster. And, our unique, 24 hour access practice facilities were featured on the cover of USA Today, on the NBC Today Show, and were voted Westword’s Best of Denver in 2001 and 2002. Our mobile fitting trailer was introduced in 2006 and features some of the most advanced fitting equipment in the industry today.

In the past three years D’Lance had expanded its presence with the use of the proprietary fitting system BGF!  Not only has D’Lance contracted with Golf Etc. of America to install and maintain the fitting systems for franchisees of Golf Etc., but the company has also expanded by creating a Mobile App of the fitting system through ITB, Inc. www.mygolfshafts.com.  Recently, D’Lance has continued to expand the fitting system by marketing the fitting system to Country Clubs and Fitters around the U.S. www.bettergolffaster.com.  We realize the importance of Custom Club Fitting within the sport and want to make sure every golfer has access to a in depth, state-of-the-art, technical complete fitting for their game!