Josh Cassaday Making Push to LDA World Championships

Josh Mile HighJosh Cassaday is making a push for the LDA World Championships in October.  In his first year competing in the Long Drivers of America (LDA) circuit, Josh did well in the Mile High Shootout in Denver this past weekend.  The field was very tough but Josh finished in the top 12 with drives of 447 and 448 yards against several competitors already in the World Championships.

We have helped by building his competition drivers.  Josh is playing a Krank Formula 6 driver at 5.5 degrees loft and a House of Forged Prototype shaft (75 grams) built to a XXX flex (11.6).  All long drive drivers must measure a maximum of 50″ standing against a wall or roughly 48.375″ as measured on a flat surface.   Josh has a clubhead speed of 144mph and ball speed 211.  His strong release requires a firmer tip section shaft and a weight and swing weight that allows him to stay in control and put the majority of his 8 shots in the grid.  He has done a TON of work in the last 10 months to get ready for the LDA Championships and will compete in the Last Chance Qualifier at the Winstar Casino in Oklahoma in October.  Good luck, Josh!