Indoor Golf Practice Memberships Leads to 28% Improvement in Handicap

Indoor Golf Practice Memberships | D'Lance Golf

What can indoor golf practice memberships and indoor practice do for you? It could make a double-digit impact on handicap improvement. It’s just one of many success stories about the value of indoor practice, but one of our members reported a handicap drop from 9.8 to 7.0. It amounts to a 28% improvement in handicap and 4 stroke improvement in average score. For our other members, indoor practice during the off-season is a key part of maintaining their swing and working on problem areas.

When considering an indoor practice membership, D’Lance Golf is the only 24-hour practice facility in the Front Range. Utilizing Trackman 4, the best golf simulator in the industry, players can practice, train or play without limits. And, Trackman provides off-season worldwide tournaments that allow you to compete on your own time.

5 Key Reasons for Indoor Golf Practice Memberships

  1. Game Improvement vs. Entertainment
  2. Train, Practice or Play
  3. Elite Golf Simulator vs. Virtual Golf Courses
  4. Free Virtual Golf Tournaments
  5. 24-hour facility with no limits


Game improvement vs. Entertainment

Serious golfers demand and deserve an environment where they can focus on their game. Ideally, other golfers in the indoor facility want the same. Come to work on swing path, attack angles, transition, tempo or release. Work on consistency, minimize shot dispersion and increase club and ball speed. Come to hone your putting stroke. The Trackman system provides it all – the raw data and videos to help you improve your game. And the D’Lance Golf facility is designed for the golfer that cares about their game.

Bar and restaurant facilities with golf simulators are fun and entertaining. But among multiple disadvantages, the biggest complaints we hear have to do with distractions and limited time blocks. With bay times averaging $65 per hour, 4 golfers can play 18-holes for approximately $40 per person. But for someone working on game improvement alone for 2 hours, $130 is steep.


Train, Practice and Play

Improving consistency and lowering your handicap takes training, practice and play. Not just play alone. Especially with Colorado winters, bring your driving range practice and training routine indoors and benefit from a temperature-controlled and altitude-controlled environment. Practice at sea level prior to traveling to low elevation locations. Leverage Trackman videos to master swing path changes to get more inside out; and stop the problematic behavior that results in a bad path. Maintain and increase swing speeds to compete in local long-drive competitions.

Plus play real golf courses from around the world in high-definition, challenging your on course play. The D’Lance Golf facility licenses more than 300 courses from around the globe including many PGA Tour, PGA Champions Tour, LPGA Tour, DP World Tour and other tournament courses. Plus, Trackman is packed with multiple practice ranges, shot analysis and game options for any player.


Elite Golf Simulator vs. Indoor Virtual Golf

While there are lots of options, Trackman is the industry’s elite system capturing 40+ parameters for every swing. Home systems, restaurant/ bar systems and small portable launch monitors have their place in the world of golf. But despite the proliferation of options, Trackman Launch Monitor and Simulators continues to be the elite system trusted by professional facilities. With more than 40 data parameters, detailed club and ball data supports every shot from driver to putter. The OERT (optically enhanced radar tracking) technology is the most precise measurement of impact. Doppler radar captures data for the entirety of ball flight, projecting launch height and spin even after impacting the green. Trackman creates the closest to a real-world experience usable in practice and play. Learn more about Trackman 4.


Virtual Golf Tournaments and Leagues

Starting in January, Trackman began the Trackman Indoor League offering free competitive tournaments for players around the world. With big travel, club and ball prizes, players can compete when and where they want to – any Trackman facility around the world. If you’re trying to play in a restaurant/ bar setting, there’s not enough time to practice, prep and compete effectively.

Plus, D’Lance Golf offers winter indoor play 9-hole leagues that are handicap adjusted for players of all abilities. Two person teams can compete each week for low net and CTP (closest to the pin). And, each league offers a 3-week playoff round with cash prizes for 1st through 4th places.


Members can play or practice 24-hours a day

In Colorado, D’Lance Golf was the first 24-hour practice facility to open. And still today, we’re one of just a few facilities open 24 hours per day to members. With convenient online booking for members, it is easy to reserve practice time. And conveniently located in the Denver Tech Center, it’s easy to beat traffic, avoid traffic or come in on your lunch break.

Even if you elect to purchase non-member bay time, D’Lance Golf is open 9:00am – 5:00pm Monday through Saturday. Single person simulator practice or play is just $50/ hour and discounted for longer durations or multi-player play.


Added benefits of Membership at D’Lance Golf

Our indoor golf practice memberships pack a wealth of benefits. 72 degrees and “sunny,” every day, 24-hours a day just can’t be beat. Traveling the world without leaving your local community is outright fun. And maintaining or lowering your handicap, boosting your confidence, and playing year-round is priceless.

  • Every D’Lance Golf simulator bay utilizes top of the line Trackman 4 simulators.
  • Membership has its privileges. D’Lance Golf’s limited number of indoor practice memberships ensure available bay times for members.
  • The D’Lance Golf team provides in-depth training and orientation on the Trackman system and facility. And, the facility is fully equipped with warmup and swing aid tools to assist your practice.
  • Trackman allows for convenient saving of shot data and recorded videos. All data is easy to access within the app or send to yourself and access online.
  • We make it easy for members to book – open 24 hours and book online.