Hybrid Clubs Can Play a BIG Role in Your Game! Just ask Jay!

xr hybHybrids can be a fickle addition to your bag.  Sometimes good, sometimes bad, sometimes great!  For some golfers, the look of the club makes a big difference as well as the setup (shaft, length, weight, flex).  We took a couple of swings at getting some hybrids dialed in for Jay with so-so results.  Shafts were great but the look and feel were not there.  Well, we finally settled on the Callaway XR hybrids and voila!


Just wanted to let you know, your reign as the greatest club fitter of all time continues. 
The Callaway XR hybrids are awesome! They are so good, that they went into the bag over the weekend. 
I played the senior club championship and won the whole thing (net division).
Shot 83 on Saturday and 79 on Sunday (personal best at my club) and won the net.
The hybrids played a huge role.  Hit them a lot, both off the tee and from the fairway. 
Now the old TaylorMade are in no mans land. They are on the shelf, headed for the travel set, 
but not ready for that move yet. Thanks for working with me on this. 3rd times a charm!