D’Lance Makes Golf.com Top 50 Clubfitter in North America List

D’Lance Golf Performance Center, Englewood and Superior, Colorado, have been selected to the Golf.com Top 50 Clubfitters in North America for 2020!  The evaluation criteria is pretty intense and involves the following categories:

  • How many different fittings offered, i.e. full bag, driver, irons, putter, etc.  We offer 10 different fittings.
  • Number of different manufacturers represented.  We offer 26 different head and shaft manufacturers.
  • Indoor and outdoor fittings.  We do 95% indoor and do outdoor fittings by appointment.
  • In-house order fulfillment.  We custom build 100% of our custom orders in-house.
  • TrackMan or ForeSight ball flight monitor.  We have four, TrackMan 4 ball flight monitors.
  • Proprietary fitting system.  We developed our own proprietary BGF (Better Golf…Faster) fitting system.
    • Our fitting system is the first “expert system” that predicts club length, shaft weight, shaft flex, trajectory and spin profile, and swing weight.  These predictions are based upon our assessment of the golfers swing dynamics (tempo, transition and release), strength (club speed, ball speed), and shot dynamics (launch angle, spin rate, shot dispersion, maximum height, attack angle).

We are honored to be in the company of a lot of great clubfitters that we have know and respected for our 22 years in business!  Thank you, Golf.com, for the recognition!

Here is the link to the Top 50.