D’Lance Golf Performance Center Mentioned in Golf Digest

We have a good relationship with the kind editors at Golf Digest, Mike Stachura and his cohort, Ashley Mayo, so it was fun when Ashley gave me a call and asked why some slower swinging golfers needed lower lofted drivers than their faster swinging partners.  That was easy….it’s all about attack angle (You can see my comment on page 106 of the fold-out driver list in the March, 2013 Hot List issue).   If you swing “up” on the ball (positive attack angle), you may need a lower lofted driver to get your optimum distance.  If you are like me and swing “down” on the ball with your driver, you may need a higher lofted driver.  Of course, shaft comes into consideration here as well.  For more on this topic, check out my blog here https://www.dlancegolf.com/fitting-tips/fitting-drivers-for-attack-angle/.