D’Lance Golf Makes Mizuno Golf Top 100 Clubfitter List…Again

Top100Fitters_logoWe are very proud to be a Mizuno Golf Top 100 Clubfitter…again!  As everyone who has been through a fitting with us knows, we really are brand agnostic as that truly is the best way to get our customers to pick heads that look good, sound good and feel great in their hands.  Mizuno has done an awesome job in the last several years creating great irons, hybrids, wedges, drivers and fairway woods that gives our customers some great options.  Mizuno ultimately ends up in the top three of our customer’s selections.  And it can’t just be us.  Mizuno products, especially their irons, have out-performed a lot of other manufacturer’s in the annual Golf Digest Equipment Hot List.  Again, we are honored to be a part of this list.

Dan Sueltz