D’Lance Golf Fitting Trailer at Eagle Ranch This Weekend…

FullTrailerOur D’Lance Golf Fitting Trailer is at Eagle Ranch Golf Club this Friday and Saturday! We use the Trackman Ball Flight Monitor as well as our proprietary fitting system BGF in every one of our fittings.  The true test of any custom club fitting is to have the golfer hit the longest, straightest shots that they can.  While most club fitting systems focus on launch angle, spin rates, and carry distance, the best thing we can do to help golfers lower their scores and have more fun is to increase accuracy and consistency.  That is why our main testing on the TrackMan Ball Flight monitors is to identify the club head and shaft combination that gets the tightest shot dispersion.  We prove it to our golfers every day by helping them get Better Golf…Faster (BGF)!  Check out our fitting process here…

Contact us today to take advantage of our outdoor fittings this weekend at Eagle Ranch Golf Club.  You can schedule a fitting online at https://dlanceschedule.acuityscheduling.com/  or contact the Eagle Ranch pro shop.


Eagle Ranch Golf Club

0050 Lime Park Drive

Eagle, CO 81631