Custom Clubfitting and Building is the Bright Spot in the Golf Industry

2011-2015 stickerCustom clubfitting and building is the bright spot in the golf industry.  The golf industry is NOT dead, no matter what you hear.  But, the market is changing!  Nike has closed down it’s golf equipment division.  No surprise since they only had 4% of the wood market and 3% of the iron market.  Yet PXG, a new equipment company with premuim prices and performance is skyrocketing.  Golfsmith has filed for bankruptcy protection and is closing 20 U.S. locations.  But, golf participation is actually flat to slightly up and rounds played in 2016 is up from last year.  So what is happening here?

The way people spend their time on golf, purchase equipment and learn how to improve is changing…dramatically!  The golfing experience today must not take forever and must provide good value.  Golf courses are getting the drill and creating more fun activities and keeping play moving on the course.

Companies like GolfTEC that provide instruction, and our instruction partners are having their best years ever.  Why?  because passionate golfers want to play better and instruction is a big piece of that.

And, golfers are also seeking out a better fit to their golf equipment.  Just like getting a pair of skis and boots or a new mountain bike, the new trend is to spend the extra money, get fitted, and you will perform better and have more fun.  We are having our best year EVER!.  Custom club fitting for every age, gender, and ability is what we do.  We could care less what clubs you choose…or even if you just want to re-shaft your existing equipment…we do it all.  And more importantly, we pay attention to detail and build the clubs to your EXACT fitting specifications.  

Our fitting technology is THE BEST IN THE INDUSTRY.  We have been selected a Golf Digest Top 100 Clubfitter in America three times running.  Our success rate in helping golfers play better is over 97%.  Our business is driven by our customers who refer their friends and associates.  We guarantee our results and offer a lifetime fitting.  Nobody else does that.