It’s Our 17th Anniversary This Week! Celebrate with a Custom Clubfitting.

Video Mentor & PuttingSeems like just a few years ago when we opened our first shop off of University and Arapahoe Road in Littleton (now Centennial).  We have always been on the “bleeding edge” of golf technology so when we opened we had the Dead Solid Video Mentor ball flight monitor and True Temper Shaft Lab.  We have since taken great strides in shaft research using our own proprietary testing and have developed the most sophisticated fitting system in the industry – BGF (Better Golf…Faster!).  Thanks to our valuable customers, we have learned a lot about fitting along the way.  We still believe everyone has a unique swing and must be fit accordingly.  Also, each individuals sense of feel, sight and sound can modify our recommendations.  Golf is such a game of confidence that you need to have a set of clubs in your hands that performs for you or you will not have the confidence to make those great shots.  This comes from properly fit AND custom built clubs…clubs that are each matched to your swing for a set of consistently built clubs.  So, if you have never been custom fit, or our one of our customers we have not seen in a while, come in this week and take advantage of our Anniversary specials.  Remember, our fittings are for your LIFETIME…once you pay, you can make an appointment to get fit again at any time.  Thank you again to our loyal customers for making us successful!