Xcaliber RT Iron Shafts

Xcaliber RT Iron Shafts

The new Xcaliber line of wood and iron shafts will definitely live up to the expectations of Xcaliber founder, Robin Arthur.  Robin is back at it after a brief hiatus and his new line of shafts look to be exceptional.  We will be reviewing the entire line of Avalon and Mystic shafts next week.  But first, we will look at his newest design, the RT (Rapid Taper) iron shaft.


Xcaliber RT 75 and 95

These shafts have a very unique design with the shaft tapering significantly  about half way from the butt to the thinner tip section.  The result is that testing with over 100 golfers hitting #6 irons saw an increase in clubhead speed of 2-5 mph.  We have seen the same thing in our tests with both the 75 and 95 gram version.  And, the beauty is that, with the proper fit for stiffness, these shafts will also tighten shot dispersion. 

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                                        Weight (grams)                       Trajectory                   Spin

Xcaliber RT 75                     76                                            Mid                         Medium

Xcaliber RT 95                     96                                            Mid                         Medium

Our Take:

RT 75 will be a great shaft for golfers seeking a light shaft with a more boring ball flight.  As long as club speed with a 6 iron is over 75 mph or distance is around 150-160 yards, this shaft will be great.  Because this shaft spins a little less, you need enough height to make sure the ball does not run through the greens with longer irons.

RT 95 should be a definite option for golfers thinking of switching from steel to graphite shafts.  The 95 gram weight will certainly be lighter than most steel shafts, yet the feel is smooth and firm.

The shaft really does create more club head speed at impact and ball speed seems to jump a bit as well.

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Dan Sueltz