What is Your Optimum Wedge Distance From the Green?

210714What is your optimum wedge distance to the green?  You know, the distance that you have the most confidence that you will get it really close to the hole.  Some golfers like to hit relatively short shots to the green, say 50-60 yards.  Other golfers like a full wedge shot, whether it is sand wedge, gap wedge or pitching wedge.


We did a survey on the distance and here are the results:

100 – 110 yards:  34%

80 – 90 yards:  31%

50 – 60 yards:  21%

120 – 130 yards:  7%

140 – 150 yards:  2%

Personally, I am the 100 – 110 yard guy as well.

So, what this tells us is that if we want to lower our scores, we need to take more shots from our “safety zone”.  Under a tree 150 yards out?  You have two choices.  Punch out to your safety zone or try to run it up to the green.  Water in front of the green?  Safety zone it is!  I used to try to gouge my way to the green with a perfect shot but that just seemed to add a couple more strokes to my handicap so I started playing for my optimum distances to the green.  I remember a tournament that Steve Stricker was playing and on a par 5 he had 240 yards left to an elevated green.  Instead of going for the green, he laid up to 104 yards.  He then holed out for eagle!  The commentators were all over the fact that he played to his optimum wedge distance.  In fact, when you ask the pros why they use TrackMan, the answers invariably include a comment on dialing in their wedge distances.  Not sure how far you hit each of your wedges or the gaps between them?  You probably need to see a clubfitter and get your distances dialed in.

So next time out on a course,  find your optimum wedge distance and enjoy the results!

Dan Sueltz