UST Mamiya TourSPX Recoil 800 F2 Shafts Build Like a Breeze

The Golf Etc. Farmington crew, Lee Cothern and Bob Beck, just built a set of Mizuno JPX-825 Pro irons with the UST Mamiya TourSPX Recoil 800 series, F2 shafts.  As usual, we go through each shaft, even though the TourSPX paperwork gives us all the specs and has each shaft laser engraved.  The eight shafts were all within 2 cpm and FLO (flat line oscillation) was easy.  Very consistent shafts as we were getting 6 cpm per inch when cutting for frequency matching the set.  Very easy set to build.  Now, Bob, go out and take about 4 strokes off your game!