True Temper XP 115 Shaft Review

True Temper designed the XP 115 as a slightly heavier version of its popular XP 105 and XP 95.  Currently the XP 115 is available only through Mizuno as one of their fitting cart options but that will change in early December when the XP 115 becomes available to the public.

When we test a shaft, we always use the same head and ball for all testers, and the shafts are matched to the golfers swing dynamics in terms of flex.  For all testers, the XP 115 had a great feel of a shaft that is releasing through the hitting area without feeling like there was a los of control.  This is a testament to the design of the shaft so good job True Temper!  And, the Trackman shot dispersion charts proved this out.  We also did a comparison of the XP 115 to the KBS C-Taper Lite and KBS Tour V.  Launch angles, spin rates and distances came out very similar for all testers putting this shaft in the mid launch, mid spin range.  The XP 115 was ranked the best in terms of feel.  Also, one tester found that the XP 115 picked up nearly a half club in distance over both KBS shafts because smash factor and ball speed increased due to better contact and energy release.  That is why it is so important to test different shafts, even in the same weight group to see which shaft performs best for you.  I think this is an excellent shaft that should become the anchor of the XP line.