True Temper XP 105 in new Mizuno irons for 2013-14 Review

True Temper has replaced the Dynalite Gold XP shaft with the new  XP 105 in the new Mizuno irons for 2013-14.  The new 105 XP comes in R300 and S300 flexes.  In testing against the Dynalite Gold XP, the feel was smoother but shot dispersion (for me anyway) was a little wider, maybe because I like a heavier shaft.  Launch angle was about a degree higher and spin was a little higher so resulting yardage was 1-2% less than the Dynalite Gold.  This shaft performed exceptionally well in the new Mizuno JPX EZ Forged iron…gives it a little more spin and better descent angle to drop and stop on the green.  As with most lighter weight shafts in stock options, this plays soft-to-flex so if you are an R300 player, give the S300 a try.