True Temper Dynamic Gold TI 120 Shaft Review

Dynamic_Gold_120_1833x84True Temper Dynamic Gold TI 120 shaft is a great new addition to the Dynamic Gold line.  The trusty Dynamic Gold shafts have been on the market FOREVER and still dominate the OEM market and PGA Tour.  But, weighing in at 130+ grams, these shafts were in need of a facelift with all of the competition from lighter weight competitors.  And, let’s face it, golfers that LOVED the Dynamic Gold S300 and X100 that are getting a little older, could use a lighter weight shaft that gives them better feel, increased clubhead speed and yet has the same “window” of ball flight that these players like.

In our testing, the Dynamic Gold TI 120 is exactly what is touted by True Temper…similar launch characteristics, slightly lower spin and a similar feel to the original DG TI.  We need to do a little more testing to validate the findings but we are seeing a little more increase in clubhead speed from the Dynamic Gold TI 120 due to its slightly lighter weight.  Again, every golfer is different and some golfers may pick up clubhead speed but lose accuracy with a lighter shafts.

From a pure technical specification perspective, the DG TI 120 will play slightly softer to flex so you will want to hard step these shafts once to get the same performance as the original Dynamic Gold shafts.  Again, your fitter will help you decide which shaft has the best performance for your game.

As for a comparison of shafts in the 120 gram weight category, there are a lot of shafts to compare:  Project X LZ Steel, XP 115, DG AMT TI, KBS Tour, Nippon Modus 125.  Stay tuned and see how our testing proves out in these head-to-head comparisons.

Dan Sueltz