True Temper DG PRO Shaft feels pretty smooth!

True Temper released the Dynamic Gold PRO steel iron shafts through its authorized Performance Fitting Centers late in 2013.  Everything about this shaft is progressive, meaning, the tip profiles get progressively stiffer as you go down from the 3 to the PW.  This gives you a little higher ball flight with longer irons and more penetrating flight with 8,9 and PW.  I also like the lighter weight than the traditional Dynamic Gold…fully 7-8 grams lighter in each shaft.  I hit this shaft in a 6 iron built to my specs and was pretty amazed at the feel, even if it has a much stiffer mid-section.  So if you are playing Dynamic Gold shafts and are looking for a little softer feel, lighter weight, and more progressive ball flight, you should consider the DG PRO!