TPT Red Range Shaft Review

TPT Red Range Shafts

TPT Red Range Shafts

The NEW TPT Red Range Line

The TPT Driver line has been broadened to heavier, stiffer shafts at the top end, and lighter, softer shafts at the bottom.  This allows us as fitters to fit a wider range of golfers for both their strength and swing dynamics.   Easier to fit…even better to build.   Learn More From TPT Here…

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Performance and Fitting Tips


In our shaft profile testing, we evaluate the consistency of shafts based upon  Load Profile or Elasticity Index (EI) and Flat Line Oscillation point.  All of the TPT Red Range shafts that we have tested and put in our fitting system have a rating of 96% consistency throughout the entire length of the shaft.  These are the same or higher numbers than the original TPT models and are the highest of all manufacturers we test.  As TPT says, #automaticimprovement.


The LO models will launch roughly 1 degree less than the HI versions across all models we tested.  The LO models will spin roughly 100 to 400 rpms less than the HI models as well.  In general, both the HI and LO models have some of the lowest spin characteristics so if you need lower spin, these shafts will deliver.


The LO models will have a much firmer feel due to their design.  Also, the weight and torque are lower than the HI models which could contribute to the firmer feel.  The very firm mid-section of the LO models also contributes to the shaft feeling very firm and will release with less “kick” at impact than the HI  models.  If you like a shaft that kicks at the bottom of your swing, find the right HI model based on weight and flex.  If you like a shaft that feels like a one-piece shaft, more of an extension of your arm, the LO models are for you.


There is quite a difference between the LO and HI models in terms of weight and flex.  In general, the LO models will weigh 5 to 8 grams heavier than the HI models.  If weight is a concern for you but you want the lower ball flight and firmer feel, you should go to the lighter model in the LO, i.e. choose the 16 LO instead of the 15 LO, as an example.

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Model Characteristics

Model Weight-grams Mid Stiffness Flexes Launch Spin Torque
Red Range 14 Hi 77.6 Mid Stiff X to X+ Low-Mid Low-Mid 3.2
Red Range 14 Lo 84.5 Stiff X to X+ Low Low 2.8
Red Range 15 Hi 71.9 Mid S to X Low-Mid Low-Mid 3.4
Red Range 15 Lo 78.5 Stiff S to X Low Low 3.2
Red Range 16 Hi 68.2 Mid R+ to S Mid Mid 3.7
Red Range 16 Lo 73.1 Stiff R+ to S Low-Mid Low-Mid 3.5
Red Range 17 Hi 60.5 Mid A to R Mid Mid 4.1
Red Range 17 Lo 67.3 Stiff A+ to R+ Low-Mid Low-Mid 3.9
Red Range 18 Hi 58 Mid Soft A to R Mid Mid 4.4
Red Range 18 Lo 64.8 Stiff A to R Low-Mid Low-Mid 4.1
Red Range 19 Hi 51 Mid Soft L+ to A Mid-High Mid-High 4.7
Red Range 19 LO 59 Mid A to A+ Mid Mid 4.1
Red Range 20 Hi 47 Mid Soft L to L+ Mid-High Mid-High 5.4
Red Range 21 Hi 41 Mid Soft L to L+ Mid-High Mid-High 5.8

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TPT Red Range Demo Shafts

TPT Red Range Demo Shafts

Our TPT Shaft History

D’Lance Golf Performance Center and Touchet Performance Golf jumped at the chance to pick up the TPT (Thin Ply Technology) shaft line in 2018 and it paid huge dividends to our customers.  Longer, straighter, more stable than other driver shafts we have tested.  And the feel is phenomenal.  Solid yet smooth.  Now sure, this is a premium shaft but you can see and feel the difference in your game.  See our Review of the Original TPT Shafts Here…

Our dedication to fitting these TPT shafts for our customers put us in the top 5 fitters in the USA.   One of the most exciting things we realized about the TPT shafts is their quality.  Since we frequency match an spine-align all of our clubs, it was important for us to have shafts of the absolute best quality for our customers.  Easier to fit…even better to build.   

After meeting with Francois Mordasani, TPT Co-Founder and Chairman at the PGA Show in 2020, I was convinced that the commitment to quality AND innovation is what has put TPT in a leadership position in carbon fiber shafts.  That is why we are so excited to see this new Red Range line of shafts.

Dan Sueltz