When Mitsubishi Chemical Golf introduced the TENSEI AV Blue shaft in 2019, it was an immediate hit with golfers that like a firmer feel in the butt and midsection of the shaft.   The addition of the AV (Aluminum Vapor) fiber does the trick.  Leveraging on the success of the original TENSEI CK and CK Pro models, the new TENSEI AV RAW Series will make the stronger players jump to this series!  If you liked the original TENSEI you will LOVE the AV!


The TENSEI AV Raw shafts are designed with ultralight carbon fiber materials, but with actually a heavier per ton weight as there is less resin content.  This allows Mitsubishi designers to create lighter yet stronger shafts.  Resin is what holds the carbon fiber material together but it is notorious for creating potential weak spots or uneven performance in the shaft.  The real design coup is the exposed Aluminum Vapor weave in the butt section which gives these shafts the firm feeling and consistent performance.  And it looks cool!  Find out more here…

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Models Available

Original Blue now Blue AV Raw

These shafts are mid launch, mid spin shafts are a great fit for most golfers in their drivers.  The shafts have a traditional balance point so they may get a little heavy in modern adjustable drivers if you go longer than 45.5 inches.  The heavier weights will be great options for fairway woods as well.  Available in 55, 65, 75 and one 85 gram weight shaft in TX flex.


The White is definitely designed for low, penetrating ball flight and low spin.  Since this shaft is designed for stronger players, the shaft only comes in 65, 75, and 85 gram weights in Stiff, X-Stiff and Tour X flexes.  Lower torque for firmer feel as well.  The balance point of this shaft is lower so you can use it in shorter, i.e. 44 inch driver shafts and still get a reasonable swing weight.


While similar in profile to the other AV shafts, the TENSEI AV Orange will be more of mid trajectory, mid spin but still with a firm mid section.  Because it is a counter-balanced shaft, you can play this shaft in driver’s that are longer, i.e. 45.5 to 46 inches without adding a great amount of swing weight.  The Orange model is available in 55, 65, 75 and one 85 gram weight.  Flexes are R, S, and X.  There is a TX flex available in the 65, 75 and 85 gram weight.

We expect these shafts to be available on June 17th so get your order in today!

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Dan Sueltz