TaylorMade RSi 1 and RSi 2 Comparison to TP CB and SLDR irons

TMAG RSi 2We tested the TaylorMade RSi 1 and RSi 2 irons this week and thought it would be a good idea to test them against the Tour Preferred CB and SLDR irons.  Tests were conducted by golfers with varying handicaps with the shaft fit for their swing on each head.  All tests were down with 7 irons from the TaylorMade Select Fit cart.

Certainly the look of the RSi irons is appealing.  The black cavity of the RSi 1 makes it easy to distinguish from the RSi 2 when going through the fitting cart so that is a plus.  All of the testers (3 to 15 hcp) liked the look of the RSi 2 the best with less offset and slightly thinner topline.  Even though the lofts on the RSi irons are roughly 1.5 degrees lower/stronger than the TP CB or SLDR, the actual initial launch angles for all of our testers were only slightly lower for the RSi irons by maybe a half degree in all cases.  This is a testament to the design of the RSi lineup.  The most noticeable performance difference was that both the RSi irons had lower spin by 800 to 1000 rpm over the TP CB, but only slightly (200 – 400 rpm) than the SLDR.  This resulted in 5 – 9 yards increased distance with the RSi irons at 155 yards carry, or 4 to 5% more distance with a 7 iron. 

Another noticeable difference was the feel of the RSi irons.  Some testers liked the feel but others felt it left the clubface with a “mushy” feel, especially the RSi 1.  All testers felt significant vibration dampening with the RSi irons, especially on mis-hits towards the toe).  Overall, the testers liked the new RSi irons and are looking forward to testing the next, BEST thing from TaylorMade, the RSi TP!


The results for one of our testers, a 3 hcp, are shown below:

Loft Lie Launch Spin Carry Total
Rsi 2 27 62 20.1 5169 154.6 164.4
Rsi 1 26.5 62 20.5 5271 155.1 163.9
TP CB 28.5 62 20.8 6046 148.2 155.3
SLDR 28 62 20.2 5482 149.2 158.0