Rocketbladez Review: The real deal

When I first heard about this iron, I was thinking that it was mostly hype.  I mean how much can adding a slot on the bottom of an iron REALLY change distance.  So when we got our first set in, I fired up TrackMan and did some testing.  I tested the Rocketbladez against the Rocketballz iron, and two other irons.  All of our testing is done with our interchangeable shaft system so I was able to use the shaft fit for my swing on each of these heads.  First off, the appearance of the Rocketbladez iron is very appealing.  Second the Rocketbladez iron has a great feel.  Crisp but not harsh and good feedback on mis-hits.  But the distance is where this iron shines.  The Rocketbladez is a half club longer than Rocketballz and almost two clubs longer than a forged iron.  Trajectory was just a little lower even though the loft on the 6 iron was only 26.5 degrees.  The only drawback is the low spin.  For low ball hitters, you may have a difficult time holding greens with longer irons.  When all is said and done, the Rocketbladez will be a perfect fit for the golfer looking for more distance, improved feel, and more forgiveness.  Give us a call and check these irons out!