Review of New Mizuno MP-25, JPX EZ Forged and JPX-850 Forged Irons

MP-25The new Mizuno irons are definitely in keeping with the trend of high tech performance with traditional look and feel.  I tested the new MP-25, new JPX EZ Forged and the JPX-850 Forged irons this weekend on our indoor TrackMan ball flight monitor.  I used a 6 iron and the XP 115 iron shaft at my length, flex and swingweight.  Also used the Callaway Chrome Soft ball.  As a 10 hcp, my results were somewhat consistent so I left in all but the worst shots.  The numbers in parenthesis next the head are the loft degrees on the head as test, i.e. 30 degrees on the MP-25.  First let’s look at the numbers.



.                                   Club Speed   Ball Speed Smash   Launch Ang.   Spin Rate

MP-25 (30*)                      75.0               100.2         1.34           19.6                 4830

JPX EZ Forged (28*)       74.5                101.4         1.36           20.9                5059

JPX-850 Forged (28*)     73.2                103.1          1.41           19.3                 5013

A quick observation is that the MP-25 is a slightly lower launch than I actually expected, which is a good thing in my opinion.  This is a good contrast to the higher launching MP-15 and older MP-54.  Also a little surprised that the spin rate on the MP-25 is a little lower than the other two irons.  Since the JPX- EZ Forged is designed for a player that may need a little help both in forgiveness and higher ball flight, both of these goals have been accomplished.  And, as we have seen in previous tests, the JPX 850 Forged has the highest efficiency rating (smash factor) and also gave me the tightest shot dispersion.  Aesthetically, all three of these irons are really good to look at from the top line.  All three of these models have a slightly wider top line than the MP-15 or MP-5.  From a feel perspective, I loved the feedback off the face of the MP-25.  As expected, a heel or toe hit was a little uncomfortable and the distance loss around 8% of total distance, versus a distance loss of only 5% for the JPX EZ Forged and the JPX-850 Forged.  Overall, the most consistent performance was with the JPX 850 Forged.  From my perspective, any one of these irons with the proper shaft and fitting will be a great addition to your bag!

Dan Sueltz