PXG TPE Core Technology – The Performance Difference

PXG 0311 IronThe PXG TPE Core Technology is what really creates the performance difference in the PXG iron heads.  While hollow iron heads have been around for several years, this is the first head to incorporate an elastomer, TPE, filled head.  My first thought was that it would be difficult to do this without creating “hot” or “dead” spots.  Wrong on both counts.  In all of our testing and fittings, the 0311 and 0311T heads have the most consistent smash factor.  This means that ball speeds, launch angles and distances are more consistent across all levels of golfers.  Sure, some other heads may offer more distance but you have to look at the lofts and spin rates of the heads.  And yes, they are expensive but the results speak for themselves.  Coupled with the right shaft, grip and custom fit, you will have the best performing irons you have ever hit!  If you are as geeky about this as I am, continue reading about the technology…  Or better yet, schedule a fitting and come in and feel the difference yourself.

Dan Sueltz

TPE Core Technology

The TPE used by PXG is a Japanese, high-performance anti-concussion polymer that enhances a club’s sound and feel. A compound with vibration-dampening and form memory characteristics, TPE also adds structural stability and helps to produce a more efficient energy transfer.

Interesting Facts:

  • The density of the TPE material used by PXG equals .94g/cm3, which is actually lighter than water.
  • The durometer (a measurement of rubber material hardness) of the TPE material used by PXG averages Shore 60A, which feels most similar to car tire tread. The most commonly used durometer is Shore 70A, which feels like a running shoe sole.
  • PXG employs a proprietary injection molding process only we would use.

Other TPE Applications:

  • Concussion-proof systems for computers and electronics
  • Precision machine equipment
  • High absorption packaging

PXG’s patented TPE Core Technology is found in our 0311 iron and milled insert putter series.