PXG Introduces their new 0211 Cast Irons!

What would you do if you could purchase some of the best clubs in the world within your budget?

PXG has just introduced their 0211 Irons featuring a stainless-steel cast body, paired with the PXG’s unique hollow-body design, the industry’s thinnest face, and with their proprietary COR2 Technology. PXG has also created a 15% more functional face area by using an internal-face parameter cut out.  This yields a larger trampoline area for the COR2 technology.  The result is unparalleled outstanding performance and an unmatched feel  you wouldn’t expect from a cast iron, at a price, starting at $195 per club.  A low price point you wouldn’t expect from PXG, but makes their innovative technology and reputation of having the best clubs on the market, within reach for everyone.

We expect to have our demos in stock within a few weeks to test on Trackman and in our lab.  With PXG’s outstanding history with their club making, we expect nothing but the best from their new cast irons.  Stay tuned for more information!

Pre-order for the 0211 cast irons begins May 7th and will be available for shipping the end of May.  Contact us at 303-730-2717 or schedule an appointment for the end of May or beginning of June to come in and test these clubs for yourself!