PXG GEN2 Irons Are Setting the Performance Bar

PXG GEN2 Irons Are Setting the Performance Bar

PXG 0311 GEN2 Irons

PXG 0311 GEN2 Irons

After three years of development and nearly 40 prototypes, the PXG GEN2 0311 irons are scheduled for release on April 19th!  Our demo irons should be here by the end of March and are we excited?  Yes!

In addition to the latest innovations for the 0311 P, 0311 T and 0311 XF, there is a new iron in the mix, the 0311 SGI (Super Game Improvement).  Let me give you a rundown of the innovations that have gone into these new irons.

Performance Improvements

  • Tighter Shot Dispersion
  • Increased Distance
  • Better Top Line Appearance
  • Improved Feel
  • Better Wearing Material

The Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) in the original 0311 has been replaced with COR2, a proprietary high speed polymer core material.  This material has shown to create tighter shot dispersion (distance dispersion) and improved feel off the face.  In addition, COR2 has increased ball speed 1-2 mph due to its faster recovery time.

New forged 8620 steel in GEN2 is a better wearing material while maintaining the soft feel of a forged material.  The re-design of the clubheads create 15% larger hitting area, a sleeker top and back line yielding more forgiveness and better look at address.

High strength HT1770 Maraging Steel Face creates better feel and more distance with slightly lower spin.

The perimeter weighting on GEN2 now has tungsten and titanium to provide better MOI (forgiveness) and swing weight options.

0311 T (Tour) GEN2

The new 0311 T has a slightly thinner looking top line.  Slightly less offset and a straighter leading edge appearance.  Slightly deeper CG location and 2% improvement in MOI gives more forgiveness and slightly higher peak height.  Available in 3 iron through Pitching Wedge.

0311 P (Players) GEN2

Thinner top line and slightly less offset as well as a straighter leading edge appearance will appeal to a lot of players.  Deeper CG location will give higher peak height and better descent angle into the green.  MOI (forgiveness) has improved by 3%.  Available in 3 iron through Gap Wedge.

0311 XF (Xtreme Forgiveness) GEN2

A slightly thinner top line but a little more offset gives a better appearance to this iron.  Added 3% to MOI and deeper CG will make this a higher launching, more forgiving iron than the GEN1 model.  Available in 3 iron through Lob Wedge.

0311 SGI (Super Game Improvement) GEN2

Thicker top rail makes this club look like it has the heft to get the ball in the air with a lot more forgiveness than any other performance club on the market!  The longer blade length improves MOI (forgiveness) by 5% making this a really great iron for golfers need a little more help with their game!  Available 4 iron through Lob Wedge.

Bottom Line

We will validate this when our demo clubs come in, but what we have said all along is that the PXG 0311 irons have the BEST distance shot dispersion we have seen on any club on the market.  That means any miss-hits do not cost you 10% distance loss or flush hits fly the green.  As any player will tell you, the last thing you want is missing shots front-to-back on a green by 15 yards!  Not happening with the PXG 0311 irons.

Dan Sueltz