Project X LZ Tour 90 Graphite Shaft Review

px-lz-tourThe Project X LZ Tour 90 graphite shaft is the next great step from the company that brought us the LZ Steel shafts.  The LZ Tour 90 comes in a taper tip (.355″) discrete length in 5.0 (Regular) and 6.0 (Stiff) flex.  While the shaft graphic says 90gr, the actual specs are 80-87, depending upon length.  In our testing, the balance point is a little towards the butt end which makes the shaft feel more like a 90 gram shaft when built to length.

When we built our test clubs, we found that the 5.0 plays a little soft so you would need to hard-step (put the 5 iron shaft in the 4 iron) in order to get close to the 5.o flex.  On the other hand, the 6.0 plays pretty true to flex.  Depending upon the length and desired swing weight, we should be able to build a wide range of flex, length, and swing weight options from a mid range Senior flex (4.0) to a high end stiff flex (6.3).

Dynamic testing the LZ shafts is always a treat and the LZ Tour 90 did not disappoint.  Our testers were impressed with the smooth yet explosive feel of the shaft through impact.  Again, just like the LZ Steel, we saw incremental increases in smash factor (faster ball speed and more distance) with the LZ Tour 90 against The UST Recoil, SteelFiber i95 and OBAN i83.

Launch and spin are in the mid range, which is great for a graphite shaft of that weight.  We would typically see that shaft weight generate a little higher launch and spin so this will be a great shaft for the player switching from steel to graphite but worried about hitting a graphite shaft too high, or bringing down the ball flight from a high-launching light weight shaft.

This shaft is only available through True Temper authorized Performance Fitting Centers like D’Lance Golf Performance Center.

Just like all shafts, the proof is in matching the weight, flex and launch conditions to the individual golfer’s swing profile and iron head.  Looking forward to  putting this exciting new shaft in play!

Dan Sueltz