Project X HZRDUS Yellow a Great Addition!

HZRDUS Yellow2The Project X HZRDUS Yellow shaft will be introduced to the public in the next few weeks.  We were excited to test the 63 and 76 gr versions in our shop over the past couple of days.  Bottom line…the Project X HZRDUS Yellow shaft plays a little smoother because of the midsection design than the Black.  By design, the torque and balance points are identical between the two shafts.  The slightly higher torque gives a better feel at impact to both shafts.  The Project X HZRDUS Yellow launches not quite a degree lower on average than the Project X HZRDUS Black due to a slightly stiffer tip section.  Spin rates are identical between the two shafts, measuring in the low-mid spin range.  As a side note on fitting, it is a great testimony to the manufacturer to get these performance characteristics almost identical with the only thing changing is the feel feedback of the shaft.  This is not always the case when trying to create a different feel in a shaft.  Great job Project X.

In general, since the Black was designed for a more aggressive swing, the Yellow will feel better to a golfer with a smoother tempo and transition.  The good thing is we can have you try both, give you TrackMan numbers and then fit the shaft that feels the best while giving you optimum performance.

Dan Sueltz