Project X HZRDUS Black Shaft Review

We tested the HZRDUS Black prototype shafts last week in our shop and all I can say is WOW!  We knew the HZRDUS Black shafts were designed to be lower spinning and mid-low launch but we were really surprised at how good the shafts felt for guys that were not necessarily fans of shafts with a stiff butt, mid and tip section.  I attribute that to the design with a little higher torque (softer feel).  The only shaft that came close in spin and distance was the Kuro Kage TiNi 70.

We tested the HZRDUS Black 65 and 75 against the Kuro Kage TiNi 70, Diamana 50W and ACCRA DyMatchMT 60 2.0, all shafts that have been “gamers”.  The driver head used was the Ping G30 LS TEC 10.5 set at 10.5.

Both the HZRDUS 65 and 75 Black were tested in 6.0 flex and both played stiffer than marked on the shaft.  As Don Brown, designer of the HZRDUS shaft for Project X has stated, the Black shafts were designed for stronger players that wanted to really be able to go after the ball and still maintain control.  Well, that is exactly what this shaft will do!  We did not have a 55 version to test but will report on that soon.  I believe my numbers on the HZRDUS 75 were a little high on spin because the shaft was playing about a flex too stiff for me, while the Kuro Kage was right at my specs.  Bottom Line:  If you are an aggressive swinger that likes a firm feeling shaft throughout the swing, the new HZRDUS Black is for you.  No wonder it has won already on the tour! (see link here).  The HZRDUS Black shaft will be available beginning November 15, 2015, through authorized True Temper PFC dealers like D’Lance Golf Performance Center.

Dan Sueltz

Smash Attack Launch Spin Total Yds.
HZRDUS 65 6.0 1.5 1.2 13.6 2400 224.3
Diamana 50W 1.5 2.4 15.2 2830 222.8
DyMatch MT 60 1.5 1.5 14.2 2860 220.2
HZRDUS 75 6.0 1.5 0.9 14.3 2630 216.4
Kuro Kage TiNi 70 1.51 1.3 13.9 2330 229.2