Project X Hand Crafted LZ (Loading Zone) Shafts Are In!

Project X Hand CraftedThe new Project X Hand Crafted LZ (Loading Zone) shafts just arrived!  D’Lance Golf is one of a handful of True Temper Performance Fitting Center dealers around the world that have received this special shipment so we can get them in our customer’s hands!  The concept behind the shaft is that each shaft weight and flex has a unique “Loading Zone” that is positioned from the butt end of the shaft to encourage a proper release of energy by the shaft depending upon how it was loaded (amount of force you put on the shaft during your downswing).  Studies by True Temper show a 7% greater release of energy than a traditionally built shaft, while maintaining 12% more stability.  What this means is what everyone is looking for…more distance while maintaining accuracy.  What the LZ concept means for us as clubfitters, is that we can match your swing dynamics to the proper shaft weight and flex and let the loading zone help you create better performance.  My initial static tests show that the first run is very consistent and meets the specs outlined by Project X.  We are putting these in demo clubs and will have a further post when we complete our testing.  Oh, and another thing.  Can you say Made in the U.S.A.?  These shafts are Hand Crafted in the Project X San Diego, CA lab!