Project X Hand Crafted (HC) Loading Zone (LZ) Shaft Review

Project X Hand Crafted

Project X recently released their Hand Crafted (HC) Loading Zone shafts after well over a year in design and testing.  These shafts have a unique Loading Zone that varies by flex of the shaft to optimize the feel, trajectory and distance for each shaft weight and flex.  These shafts are hand made in the USA in the True Temper San Diego plant.

Overall our testers rated these shafts 4.8 out of 5.

Appearance:  The flex, weight, loading zone and torque are uniquely lettered in the graphics in the butt and tip of the shaft.  Matte black finish, weave background and silver PX logo make for an elegant look.

Flexes Available:  HC LZ 50: 5.0-7.0, HC LZ 60: 5.5-7.0, HC LZ 70:  6.0-7.0

MSRP:  $350

Availability:  Authorized True Temper Performance Fitting Centers.

Weight Consistency:  4.9 out of 5.0.  Weights increased slightly from soft to stiff flex as expected.

Butt Stiffness (CPM):  Very consistent across all flexes.  These shafts will play true to flex.

Tip Stiffness:  LZ 50 5.0-6.0 Mid, 6.5-7.0 Stiff; LZ 60 6.0-7.0 Stiff, LZ 70 6.0 Mid, 6.5-7.0 Stiff

Mid Stiffness:  Each shaft gets more stable in the mid-section as flex increases, which is part of the design of the LZ shaft.

Balance Point:  Range is 51 – 52% which will yield a standard swing weight.

Torque:  Range is from Mid-High (5.85) on the LZ 50 to Mid (4.2) on the LZ 70.

SQI (Shaft Quality Index):  Above average rating at 93.1 across all shafts tested.

Trajectory:  Mid launch for all players tested on LZ 50 and LZ 60.  LZ 70 launched .5 degrees lower on average.

Spin:  Mid-low spin for the LZ 50 and LZ 70.  LZ 60 spin was 500 rpm higher for all testers.

Feel:  The LZ 50 6.0  and LZ 70 6.0 have a smooth feel throughout the swing and solid feel at impact.  The LZ 60 6.0 felt a little firmer at impact most likely due to its firmer tip section than either the LZ 50 or LZ 70.

General:  True Temper has a great concept here with the Loading Zone, but this design I believe will work best for drivers and not for completing a bag with these shafts in fairway woods.  The reason is that the tip stiffness will be a little too much for the average player to get the ball in the air as you go to a heavier shaft in the fairway woods.  As tested, these shafts feel awesome and perform as designed in terms of launch and spin.  Next step will be to test them side-by-side with other competing shafts.

Project X HC LZ 50-70