Project X Even Flow Riptide Shaft Review

Project X Riptide Shafts

The long-awaited Project X Even Flow Riptide shafts are hitting the market the first week in January, 2020.  These shafts are the next evolution of the popular Even Flow shafts that came in Red, Blue, Black, White, and an OEM-only Green.

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The current release models are the Riptide (Black with Orange/White lettering) and the Riptide CB (Blue with White lettering).  The CB model is counter balanced for use in heavier, longer clubs to reduce swing weight.

Weights and Flexes 

The Even Flow Riptide Black will be available in 50, 60, 70 and 80 gram weights.  This shaft is designed for stronger players but with a better feel, i.e. slightly higher torque than HZRDUS and the Even Flow White.

The Even Flow Riptide CB will be available in 40, 50, 60 and 70 gram weights and softer flexes in the lower weights.  This shaft is designed for smoother swings.  Even though these shafts are counter balanced, do not expect more than 1 to 2 swing weights lighter, especially in the heavier shaft weights.

Shaft Profiles

The Even Flow Riptide (Black) has a profile somewhere between the Even Flow Black (better feel i.e. higher torque, similar ball flight) and the Even Flow Blue (similar feel, lower ball flight).  The balance point is similar to the Even Flow Black and less counter balanced than the Even Flow Blue.

The Even Flow Riptide CB has a profile more like the Even Flow Blue (slightly softer feel but similar ball flight).  Definitely feels more like a two-piece shaft to our testers, meaning, you will feel the shaft load during the forward swing and unload before impact.

Shaft flexes are very consistent and comparable to the Even Flow models mentioned above.  Our testing of the Riptides showed an extremely high consistency of our six key test points giving both Riptide models a rating of 97.5 out of 100.

Bottom Line

Great idea to improve the stability and feel of the Even Flow Blue and Black models.  Our testing also showed lower spin and tighter dispersion versus similar flex and weight Even Flow Blue and Black models.

Hoping to see an Even Flow Riptide “Red” model with higher launch to replace the Even Flow Red Max Carry.

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Dan Sueltz