Project X Catalyst Shaft Review

Project X Catalyst Shafts

Project X Catalyst Shafts

Project X Catalyst shafts are the latest release of graphite iron shafts from True Temper.  As the leader in steel shaft technology, True Temper designed the Catalyst iron shafts with the idea of creating the best performing, stable shaft with properties similar to their steel shafts.  The result is a series of graphite shafts from 57 to 85 grams that should fit a wide variety of golfers.

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Catalyst 40

This shaft is a little heavier than the marking indicates, coming in at 57 grams.  As designed, the tip section is a little firmer than other shafts in this category (OBAN i53, KBS TGI 50, Fujikura Vista Pro 50) resulting in a mid-high ball flight.  Even though this shaft only comes in one stiffness, 4.0, it will build nicely for juniors and golfers with 6 iron swing speeds in the 55-65 mph range. 

Catalyst 50

Moving up the weight scale, the Catalyst 50 is more in the 60 gram range.  Offered only in the 5.0 flex, this shaft has a nice mid-high profile and can easily be built to ladies and low end senior flexes.  Tip profiles will compare to OBAN i63, ACCRA i60, Veylix Alpina 673 and KBS TGI 60.  The Catalyst 50, has the best quality index of all of the graphite shafts we have tested in this weight range.

Catalyst 60

The Catalyst 60 shaft will be a great shaft for those golfers seeking a lighter weight shaft but with a little lower ball flight than typically found in this weight of shaft.  Again, the quality index of these shafts is the highest of all shafts we have tested in this weight range.  Coming in both a 5.5 and 6.0 flexes, these shafts will be able to be built to senior and regular flexes.  These will compare to Aerotech SteelFiber i70, Recoil 760 ES SmacWrap, Recoil 660 F3 SC, and Fujikura Pro 75 shafts.  Launch will be slightly lower and feel slightly firmer than the KBS TGI 70, Fujikura Vista Pro 60, and OBAN i73 shafts.

Catalyst 80 Parallel tip (.370) and Taper (.355)

The Catalyst 80 shaft comes in both taper tip (.355) and parallel tip.  The parallel tip shaft comes in 6.0 and 6.5 flexes.  The parallel shafts have more of a mid ball flight than their taper tip counterparts, which are low-mid.  Our testers found the feel of the Catalyst 80 (.370) to be smooth and more like an extension of their arm than a two-piece shaft with a “kick” at the bottom.  The Catalyst 80 (.355) has a little firmer feel due to its lower torque and stiffer tip section.  The Catalyst 80 (.355) also launches about a degree lower with slightly lower spin.  Both versions of this shaft come in only 6.0 and 6.5 flex.  The (.355) version will play stiffer and can easily be built to a stiff flex.

Catalyst 100 (.355) Taper – Available in November, 2018

Coming in November, 2018, the Catalyst 100 will be a great addition to the Project X line.  There is a growing contingent of players looking to move from heavier steel shafts but seeking the ball flight of their trusty Dynamic Gold s300 shafts.  I am confident this is what we will see when we get these shafts in for testing.  I can’t wait!

Book Your Fitting to See Which of These Catalyst Shafts May Fit YOUR Swing.

Dan Sueltz