Parsons Extreme Golf (PXG), a New Standard in Golf Equipment

PXG 2015Parsons Extreme Golf, or PXG, is making waves in the golf industry.  If you have not heard about them, it is time you did!  Since Bob Parsons founded the company in the fall of 2014, PXG has quickly become a hit with golf nuts and aficionados of fine golf equipment.  Bob Parsons set out to create the best golf clubs in the industry.  He told his engineers to spare no expense and they did not.  The result is a totally unique blend of technology and art that will surprise you.  They are not inexpensive, as you would expect for this type of commitment to quality and innovation.  Parsons Extreme Golf has over 50 patents for its innovative designs with hollow cavity irons filled with elastomer to imiprove sound and feel.  The unique placement of tungsten weights around the perimeter of the clubs allows us clubfitters and clubbuilders to modify the clubs for your unique swing characteristics and desired ball flight.

If you truly want to experience the next level in golf equipment, come in and try these clubs for yourself!   And, see what Golf Digest has to say about them…

Dan Sueltz