OBAN Isawa GLD Shafts – Performance and Elegance

Oban Isawa GLD 2022 | D'Lance Golf

Oban Isawa GLD 2022

The OBAN Isawa GLD shafts are designed for players seeking performance and elegance in their game!  These shafts are perfect for golfers seeking improved performance in their drivers and fairway woods.


The OBAN Isawa GLD shafts are designed to provide elite club fitters the opportunity to build consistent performing shafts across different weight and flex categories.  A lot of manufacturers have distinctly different profiles for shafts in different weight categories.  This makes it difficult to fit say a driver and fairway woods in the same shaft, but different weights.  In addition, the proprietary carbon fiber used in these shafts gives a unique feel in the butt section.  Our testing puts this shaft in the mid-launch category with mid-spin.

Models Available

Model                              Flexes                         Weight           Trajectory      Spin

Isawa GLD 50             03 (R), 04 (S)                 58-59gr               Mid              Mid

Isawa GLD 60            03 (R), 04 (S), 05 (X)    68-71gr                Mid              Mid

Isawa GLD 70            04 (S), 05 (X)                  75-76gr                Mid              Mid

Again, note that the profiles (trajectory and spin) are similar across the different weights and flexes.  This helps us fit driver and fairway woods with the same shafts just different weights

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Dan Sueltz