Nippon Modus 3 Shafts Becoming a Force on Tour

Modus 3 ShaftsNippon shafts, especially the N. S. Pro 950GH, have been the “go to” shaft on the LPGA Tour for several years.  But recently, the Modus 3 models have started making significant inroads on the PGA Tour.

The Modus3 line is a heavier weight (115 – 130 gram) line designed for faster swing speeds and tempos.  The first models, the Modus3 Tour 120, is a mid launch shaft with solid feel and mid spin.  Compared to the Modus3 130, the 120 feels a little smoother due to its softer butt section.  The Modus3 130 has a very firm butt and mid section with a softer tip for higher launch.  Sergio Garcia is playing the 130 because his very late release and steep attack angle means he needs to use a shaft that stays with him (stiff butt section) but allows for a higher launch at impact (softer tip).  Not every golfer, however, may experience this higher launch if they cannot load the shaft properly.  I was a case in point where I actually hit the Modus3 130 lower than the 120.

Just being introduced this week is the Modus3 125.  I really like the feel and performance of this shaft.  The Modus 3 125 the lowest launching of the three models with about the same spin rate.  This means a lower peak height but still a good landing angle for holding greens.  I will do a more technical review of these three shafts in a future blog but think of these three shafts in this way:

Modus3 120:  Plays similar to KBS C-Taper Lite and XP 115.  Mid launch and spin.

Modus3 130:  Plays similar to KBS Tour and original Dynamic Gold XP and Dynamic Golf HL. Mid to Mid-high launch and mid spin.

Modus3 125:  Plays similar to KBS C-Taper and Dynamic Gold S300/X100.  Mid-Low launch with mid spin.

Now we have several different steel shaft options in the 115 – 130 gram weight range so we can really dial in the launch, spin, max. height and feel for our golfers.

Dan Sueltz